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Thursday, June 4, 2009

cocoon 2.2 experience

I had to rewrite a cocoon application from scratch over the last few days because the xml schema used for their productinformation was completely redesigned on my advice.

This meant i could not reuse the existing transformations. This was an exciting challenge so I've spent many hours (about 70) to get the job done. The first thing I did was creating a cocoon block that transformed the original (messy) xml file to validate the new schema. Next in line I created a cocoon block which will be responsible for reading all files from their repository (unix filesystem).

I'm pleased with the end-result so here comes a first screenshot.

I also am going to share the lessons learned from this huge cocoon annex xslt job among which:
- how handling escaping html (cdata) in a smart easy way.
- pitfalls encountered
- how creating nice popup panels
- ...

Robby Pelssers


  1. Hi Robby, good to see this project is still being used. Although I don't think your client will appreciate their logo and product information being displayed on the web like this.

  2. Yep... my guess is all apps will be rebuilt with cocoon 2.2. As for your concern, i might remove the logo but this information is freely available online (datasheet) as you should now.