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Friday, July 1, 2011

Cocoon 3.0 and XML DB API

Yesterday evening i checked out the latest sources from Cocoon3.0 and started diving into the source code to get a feeling of how things work in this new version. As Jeroen Reijn already pointed out in this article it only takes you half an hour to be up and running building your own custom pipeline.

The company where i'm currently working at recently started using an XML DB (instead of storing files on a filesystem) based upon my advice. We already were using a custom XQueryGenerator for Cocoon2.2 but as a little exercise I quickly hacked some code together based upon Cocoon3. The actual code of the XQueryGenerator is not yet worthy to be shared but I just wanted to share the results of 2 little unit tests.

demoboard module:



Both Xqueries should return the same result which they do.

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